Launch of THyGA project: Clearing the way for the use of hydrogen – natural gas blends for European consumers

Press Release

The project THyGA (Testing Hydrogen Admixtures for Gas Appliances) has launched today, with a first meeting at the GERG office in Brussels. THyGA has been awarded backing from the EU’s Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 under its Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU).

Blending hydrogen and natural gas is one of the solutions to decarbonise the energy system. For a wide adoption of H2NG (hydrogen in natural gas) blends, their impact on residential and commercial gas appliances has to be comprehensively studied. The THyGA project will assess this technical impact, evaluating safety, efficiency, lifetime, and environmental performance.

The project consortium will also identify and recommend appropriate codes and standards that should be adapted to answer the needs of the new gas system, and develop a strategy for addressing the challenges for new and existing appliances.​

The project consortium is composed of nine partners from six European countries, including associations, laboratories, gas value chain companies, and manufacturers representing different applications (cooking, heating). The project is coordinated by French energy company Engie.

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European Gas Technology Conference 


GERG and MARCOGAZ have organised the European Gas Technology Conference (EGATEC) conference this year together with EnTranCe, GasTerra, Gasunie and the New Energy Coalition. The event took place in Groningen, the Netherlands, the 6–8 November 2019. 

The programme was built on the theme ‘GAS IN THE FUTURE EUROPEAN ENERGY MIX’. Through five sessions, the conference examined how natural gas, renewable gases and mitigation of emissions are key for Europe to achieve its net-zero emissions goals by 2050. These technologies help to maintain strict requirements on security of supply, efficiency and safety. 

Conference attendants enjoyed a full agenda, complete with technical visits of energy projects in the Groningen region and 36 presentations from expert speakers on the latest technical developments. All the presentations and photos from the conference are now available online.

The Conference also hosted the 9th GERG Young Researchers Awards - eight pre-selected young researchers working in the field of Gas and Energy competed in an 'elevator pitch' contest and a poster session. Read more about this successful session.