About us

GERG works with the European energy community to develop innovative solutions that ensure our gas infrastructure remains at the heart of the energy system and integral in our transition to a sustainable energy future.   

All the projects GERG supports aim to deliver a competitive, secure and low-cost sustainable pathway to Europe’s energy transformation.  





Our research priorities


A clean energy carrier, hydrogen has the potential to decarbonise sectors that may be difficult to electrify (e.g. transport, industry and buildings),  as well as capture and store renewable energy sources.


Produced from organic matter, biomethane is carbon neutral and contributes to the EU’s decarbonisation, energy security and renewable energy objectives.

Methane emissions

Estimating, monitoring and mitigating methane emissions across the gas supply chain (production, processing, transport, storage and distribution) are key in reducing GHG emissions.  


Liquefied Natural Gas adds to the diversification of Europe’s gas supplies, therefore enhancing energy security;  use of LNG could also reduce air pollution in the maritime sector.  

and end-use

Europe’s vast gas network provides a unique opportunity to deliver energy right to our homes and businesses. Through GERG’s innovative projects and solutions, we can ensure this network remains efficient, state-of-the-art and relevant in the changing context of the energy sector.  

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