Great representation of GERG during the WGC22! 

Since 1931, the World Gas Conference has been held every three years in the country holding the Presidency of the International Gas Union (IGU). The event hosted by the Korean Gas Union in May 2022 at Daegu was organised under the theme “A Sustainable Future – Powered by Gas” with over 9500 attendees. The World Gas Conference is a global event where business leaders, experts and policy makers from across the gas industry met under one roof. The event provided the perfect opportunity to discuss timely industry issues as well as global agendas – both during the conference program and through unique networking events. 

GERG is already known for its European reach in the energy sector. However, it is very rewarding to see that the work that we have been doing is recognised also beyond Europe. 

During the 2022 edition, the GERG Secretary General, Robert Judd, had the honour to give 4 presentations: 

A Hydrogen Research Roadmap by the European Gas Research Group (GERG) 

During the session: “The role of gas technologies towards a low carbon society”. 

The roadmap produced by GERG experts highlights key research topics to tackle concerning safety, gas quality, asset materials readiness, underground storage, among other topics, for both pure hydrogen and hydrogen-natural gas blends.  

A Methane Emissions Management Research Roadmap by the European Gas Research Group (GERG) 

During the session: “Advances in GHG emissions reduction and for renewable gasses in transmission systems”. 

Collaborative R&D and knowledge sharing is key to reduce methane emissions from the European gas sector. While lack of data should not hold back efforts to target methane emissions by implementing quick-win actions, further research remains paramount to improve methane leaks detection, quantification and mitigation. 

Furthermore, the paper ‘GERG projects on site level quantification of methane emissions: state of the art and test campaign’ was also presented by our colleagues from Enagás in representation of the team. It is rewarding to be able to share the commitment of our members and the importance of detecting and quantifying methane emissions from different industrial sites, in this case via a reconciliation of different top-down and bottom-up technologies. 

We have to thank to all the researchers and industry experts from GERG for this collaborative effort! We will continue to update the status of the roadmaps and the next step is to ensure that as far as possible, the roadmaps are turned into a coherent set of work programmes that build on European and global experience. 

THyGA: Testing Hydrogen Admixture for Gas Applications

During the sessions: “Implementing cutting edge technologies: Mix-gases”, “The role of gas and renewables in a decarbonized energy system” and “Innovation Awards Ceremony”. 

THyGA continues to create a positive impact beyond borders! The project was also presented by Robert Judd, on behalf of the THyGA team in addition to a presentation given by Jean Schweitzer focusing on the project testing. A poster was also exhibited, highlighting key findings on each of the work packages: impacts of blendings on appliances, status of gas utilisation technologies, experimental work, standardisation and mitigation. 

Moreover, the THyGA paper received the conference innovation award in the utilisation category! We are proud of this achievement and how this work is inspiring others to pave the way for hydrogen and natural gas blends for domestic and commercial sectors around the globe. To learn more about the THyGA project.