About us

The European Gas Research Group, GERG, along with its member organisations, work with the European energy community to develop innovative solutions which place our gas infrastructure at the heart of the energy system, now and in the future.

European and global energy systems are in a state of transformation as they look to meet the challenges of a low carbon future while maintaining competitiveness and energy security.

The gas industry must work alongside other players in the energy sector to meet these challenges which include:

• The need to reduce emissions for the energy sector, whether for electricity production, heat or transport.
• The need to actively work alongside renewables to increase the efficiency of our low carbon energy supply

We are working to ensure that Europe’s energy transformation will keep Europe competitive and energy secure while providing the lowest cost road to a sustainable future.


GERG was established in 1961, when the gas industry across the European Community decided to join forces to promote research and innovation in the gas supply chain. The name ‘GERG’ was chosen at the time as the acronym of the French name, ‘Groupe Européen de Recherches Gazières’.

Initially set up as a network of specialist R&D centres to exchange information and best practice, GERG has grown steadily over the years, increasing its membership and expanding its original aims.

GERG logo in 1980

Our mission

At GERG, we work together to ensure the energy transition keeps Europe competitive and energy secure, while providing the lowest-cost pathway to a sustainable future.

How we work

Our members identify the most relevant issues in each major sector of the gas industry, today and for the future, and together we provide high-quality R&D to tackle those challenges.

GERG focuses on five strategic areas: hydrogen, biomethane, methane emissions, LNG, and infrastructure and end-use. Our collaborative projects maximise the value of gas research carried out in Europe. Read more about the projects we support.

The Group provides a forum for discussion, technological exchange and information dissemination. Committees of technical experts, drawn from our member organisations, meet on a regular basis to exchange ideas, establish collaboration and monitor GERG projects.

The Group also strives to raise awareness about the importance of gas R&D in Europe’s energy transition, by communicating our findings towards European officials and the wider public. We also encourage a new generation of talented researchers through GERG’s Young Researchers’ Awards.

Our structure

The board

The Board is chaired by the President of GERG and is responsible for setting the strategic directions for the Group. The Board also promotes results obtained through our projects, ensuring GERG continues to be recognised for its excellence in efficient and effective collaborative gas R&D. The GERG Board meets twice per year.

In May 2019, Mures Zarea of Engie was elected the new GERG President, replacing Isabelle Moretti also of Engie.

Antony Green
Vice President
Michel Hardy
GRTgaz — France

The Secretariat

The GERG Secretariat is active in making the case for gas research with the appropriate organisations of the EU and maintaining links to other gas organisations worldwide. 

The Secretariat develops an R&D portfolio which recognises the importance of gas at the heart of Europe’s Energy Future.

The Secretary General is responsible for management of all GERG activities and liaisons with external organisations.

Secretary General
Dr Robert Judd
Operations Manager
Alexandra Kostereva
Senior Project Officer
Miguel Ballesteros
Project Officer
Dr Tamara Sarac
Project Officer
Yuyu He
Project Officer
Ludovico Mazzocco
Communications & Engagement Officer
Eleni Myrilla
Finance & Admin Officer
Haryani M

Our members

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