Infrastructure and end-use

Information about the priority

More than 200 million domestic appliances are using natural gas. This use is also shared at a larger scale in the commercial sector. This means, that there is an existing extensive gas network all across Europe and making use of it with alternative gases will be a cost-efficient solution towards the decarbonisation of the industry. Diversification of sources and integration of renewables is thus one of GERG’s priorities. 

Europe imports gas from different countries by pipelines and in the form of LNG with more or less variable qualities according to the production gas fields. Related to this, combustion controlled condensing boilers (CCCB) are a technology that can provide a high flexibility in the use of gases from different sources. GERG and some partners decided to conduct a project on this technology – Consult the link to the project page below. 

With the developing gas markets in Europe, gas application technologies providing a high flexibility to gases from different natural sources and from renewable production like biomethane and hydrogen become more and more important. 

However, current gas grids in Europe were not produced at the same time or with the same components. They were developed to transport natural gas and if instead we want to use it for renewable gases there is a clear need for retrofitting. To achieve this, there is still work to do to ensure that the whole gas network, its components and its customers can support this change in a secure and efficient way.