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Every one or two years, GERG hosts a competition which attempts to highlight the work currently being done by postgraduate students in the fi eld of gas research. These success stories serves to illustrate how a new generation of researchers is working hard to establish gas as a key enabler of a new decarbonised energy system.

The European Gas Research Group (GERG) offers Young Researchers’ Awards to early career European researchers who have displayed a commitment to excellence in scientific research and in creating solutions for the future of Energy.

The Young Researchers’ event promotes interaction between European Universities and Research Centres, on R&D topics related to Gas in the Energy system. The key objectives are: encourage a dialogue between industry practitioners and academia, raise awareness, and enhance cooperation between our different communities.

The 2014 Young
Researchers’ Awards

The 6th GERG Academic event was held successfully at the International Gas Research Conference in Copenhagen in September, and reached its largest ever audience with over 500 attendees from the World’s Gas Research Community. The event took centre stage with a great location outside the main Lecture Hall, adjacent to the coffee and lunch area ensuring a high footfall.

After an assessment exercise by a number of GERG senior representatives, prizes were awarded as follows:

  • First prize was awarded to Anton Verbeek from Twente University for ‘Efficient Turbulence Enhancing Low Swirl Combustion’.
  • Second prize was awarded to Bjørn Morland, Oslo University, for ‘Are the safe CCS transport recommendations safe?’
  • Third prize was awarded to two talents: Ashish Shah, Lund University, for ‘Pre-chamber ignition systems for heavy duty engines’ and Andras Perl, Hanze University, for ‘Methane storage on Porous Activated Carbons’.

Congratulations to the prizewinners and also to all the seventeen students who made the effort to prepare their posters, attend the event and discuss their work with the international community.