Elimination of Methane emission from gas sample systems

February 2023
– Ongoing

As announced in the EU methane strategy, the European Commission adopted on 15 December 2021 a proposal for a regulation aimed at reducing methane emission in the energy sector. One of the priorities of the Commission and the European energy sector is to reduce methane emissions through mitigation measures.

Gas sample systems are applied to provide process gas to gas quality measuring instruments, both for accounting and for process control and monitoring. The amount of gas in the sample system not used by the instruments is normally vented to atmosphere. These emissions could be eliminated either by elimination of the need for sampling, or by converting methane to carbon dioxide.

To address this topic, GERG has established a collaborative programme that aims to share data and mutualise R&D efforts to provide options for eliminating methane emissions from gas sample systems

Scope of work: 

  • Workshop organisation to compose an inventory of current practices and a brainstorm for possible solutions. 
  • Second workshop organisation to identify pros and cons of brainstorm results. 
  • Drafting of conclusions and recommendations.

The information collected during these workshops and the conclusions will result in the deliverable “Options to Eliminate Methane Emissions from Gas Sample Systems”.