SHIMMER: Safe Hydrogen Injection Modelling and Management for European gas network Resilience

September 2023
– August 2026

To accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy while exploiting existing infrastructure, hydrogen can be injected to the natural gas network. However, the there are many technical and regulatory gaps that should be closed and adaptations and investments to be made to assure that multi-gas networks across Europe will be able to operate in a reliable and safe way while providing a highly controllable gas quality and required energy demand.

Recently, the European Committee for Standardization concluded the impossibility of setting a common limiting value for hydrogen into the European gas infrastructure recommending a case-by-case analysis. In addition to this, there are still uncertainties related to material integrity on pipelines and networks components with regards to a reduced lifetime in presence of hydrogen.

The SHIMMER project aims to:

-enable a higher integration and safer hydrogen injection management in multi-gas networks by contributing to the knowledge and better understanding of hydrogen projects, their risks, and opportunities.

-map and address European gas T&D infrastructure in relation to materials, components, technology, and their readiness for hydrogen blends

-define methods, tools and technologies for multi-gas network management and quality tracking, including simulation, prediction, and safe management of transients, in view of widespread hydrogen injection in a context of European-wide context
-propose best practice guidelines for handling the safety of hydrogen in the natural gas infrastructure, managing the risks

The SHIMMER project consists of 5 different work packages:

  • WP1: Project management and coordination
  • WP2: Gas infrastructure and operational conditions
  • WP3: Integrity management and safety
  • WP4: Flow assurance
  • WP5: Dissemination, communication and exploitation activities

SHIMMER counts thirteen partners from European countries that will work together on this project over 36 months.