MetHyTrucks: Metrology to support standardisation of hydrogen fuel sampling for heavy duty hydrogen transport

June 2023
– May 2026

Hydrogen can significantly contribute to reducing emissions from the transportation sector as it is particularly well suited as a fuel for long-haul heavy-duty (HD) vehicles. With increased interest in using hydrogen and fuel cells in medium and heavy-duty applications, the need for dedicated standards for these applications has increased.

The uptake of hydrogen for heavy-duty transport requires further standardisation to support Europe’s green energy future. Sampling systems and methods have already been developed for use at hydrogen refuelling stations (HRS) for light-duty (LD) vehicles, however there is a lack of technical evidence for heavy-duty transport

This project will deliver the evidence needed for the standardisation of hydrogen fuel sampling for heavy-duty applications. This will include the development of dedicated sampling systems for contaminants (gaseous species and particulate matter), methodologies for the validation of sampling methods, guidelines for the evaluation of sampling representativeness, uncertainty budgets, safety considerations and venting protocols.

The MetHyTrucks project consists of 5 different work packages:

  • WP1: Parameters influencing the representativeness of the sample
  • WP2: Development and validation of sampling methodologies for HD hydrogen refuelling stations
  • WP3: Development of guidelines and protocols
  • WP4: Creating impact
  • WP5: Management and coordination

MetHyTrucks counts ten partners from European countries that will work together on this project over 36 months.