MET4H2: Metrology for the Hydrogen Supply Chain

October 2022
– September 2023

The urgent need to mitigate climate change and to limit greenhouse gas emissions is driving actions to reduce the use of fossil fuels. However, to meet existing and future energy needs necessitates the increased use of alternative energy sources such as, for example, hydrogen. To achieve this goal, the metrological infrastructure for hydrogen needs to address all parts of the supply lines.

This project will provide novel and improved standards for the safe application of hydrogen, flow measurement, hydrogen quality assessment and custody transfer. Together with outcomes from previous projects, an infrastructure will be established that provides measurement data that are fit for demonstrating compliance with regulations and contracts. These will help the use of hydrogen to be ramped up and society to adapt to using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels.

The MET4H2 project consists of 6 different work packages:

  • WP1: Supporting the hydrogen supply chain
  • WP2: Flow measurement
  • WP3: Hydrogen gas quality
  • WP4: Measurement uncertainties in the totalisation of quantity, energy and purity content
  • WP5: Creating impact
  • WP6: Management and coordination

MET4H2 counts twenty seven partners from European countries that will work together on this project over 36 months.

To learn more visit the MET4H2 website.