Sector Forum Energy Management / Working Group Hydrogen – Final Report

E. Weidner, M. Honselaar, R. Ortiz Cebolla (JRC), B. Gindroz (CEN/CENELEC), F. de Jong (NEN) 

Key outcomes of this report include the priority challenges that have been identified for the various technical areas within the scope of work of the SFEM/WG Hydrogen. Recommendations are given on proposed actions and means of implementation. The actions are visualised in an action roadmap in which actions are prioritised and with the required timespan indicated. Other outcomes include a clarification of expectations of industry of where and how policy and standardization can contribute to a competitive development of PtH and related issues. For more information refer to the final report of the Sector Forum Energy Management, Working Group Hydrogen (SFEM/WG Hydrogen) in the link below.