MetCCUS: Metrology Support for Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Europe must make reductions in CO2 emissions in order to meet stringent reduction targets related to global warming. Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) can be used to remove the CO2 produced by industrial processes for storage either underground or locked in an alternative material. Monitoring of carbon dioxide through flow metering within the delivery […]

BIOSTAR2c: Removing Technical Barriers to Biomethane STAndaRdisation Phase 2C

This project marks the completion (Phase 2c) of a programme of work delivered in support of CEN and Technical Committee CEN/TC408 initiated by DG Ener, aimed at revision of the standards for and therefore removal of barriers to introduction of biomethane into gas networks and vehicles. By ensuring that the appropriate standards are fit for […]

BiometCAP: Protocol for SI-traceable validation of methods for biomethane conformity assessment

The conformity assessment of biomethane requires further standardisation in order to support Europe’s green energy future. The overall EU target for Renewable Energy Sources consumption by 2030 has been raised to 32 % in the RED II directive [Directive (EU) 2018/2001, 2018]. BiometCAP will deliver accessible traceability to the stakeholder community by developing efficient and […]

MET4H2: Metrology for the Hydrogen Supply Chain

The urgent need to mitigate climate change and to limit greenhouse gas emissions is driving actions to reduce the use of fossil fuels. However, to meet existing and future energy needs necessitates the increased use of alternative energy sources such as, for example, hydrogen. To achieve this goal, the metrological infrastructure for hydrogen needs to […]

THOTH2: Novel methods of testing for measurement of natural gas and hydrogen mixtures

An immediate shift in focus toward energy independence and a transition to green energy is required by the EU’s energy strategy. In order to decarbonize the EU and decouple intermittent renewable energy supply and demand while maintaining the stability of the electric grid, green hydrogen (H2) is an essential component of an alternative fuel. Since […]

OPTHYCS: Optic Fibre-based Hydrogen Control Systems

January 2023 – December 2025 One of the key concepts underpinning the Green Deal adopted by the EU in 2019 is the need to combat climate change by limiting global temperature rise to 1.5ºC or less by the end of the century, achieving zero CO2 emissions and neutrality for all other greenhouse gases. Among the […]