Infrastructure and end-use

Combustion controlled condensing boilers

The goal of the project was to produce a state of the art review of self-regulated gas boilers able to cope with gas quality variation.  

This GERG project was organised in two phases. Phase I comprised a study of the technology and market for combustion-controlled condensing boilers, and Phase II tested their performance and compared it with conventional condensing boilers​. 

Both phases are now complete. Tests in Phase II revealed that the technology used to enhance the condensing boilers is highly effective. Gas appliances with the technology could function over a much wider range of the Wobbe index than that currently stipulated in the EU harmonisation process. Boiler performance (e.g. efficiency, emissions) remains constant over the range examined.  

This projects has now ended and the final report has been submitted. See below the management summary and final report for more information.